VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms phone service over the Internet. With YLess4U you can get phone service delivered through your Internet connection instead of from your local phone company. with VOIP, you can make a call from anywhere you have broadband connectivity. Since your IP phones or ATAs broadcast their information over the Internet, they can be administered by the provider anywhere there is a connection. 

This makes it possible for business travelers to take their phones or ATAs with them on trips and always have access to their home phone. Another alternative is the soft phone. A soft phone is a client software that loads the VOIP service onto your desktop or laptop. The 3CX soft phone has an interface on your screen that looks like a traditional telephone. As long as you have a headset or a microphone, you can make calls from your laptop anywhere in the broadband connected world. Still stuck or maybe curious? Watch the video below to learn more about Voice Over Internet Protocol.