Wi-Fi Hotspots

Yless4u has introduced Wi-Fi hotspots in the following areas:

  • Eagle Hawk Village
  • Buckingham Estate
  • Braidwood Town & Surrounds

To connect to Yless4u Wi-Fi hotspot,

  • Connect to wireless network with SSID Yless4u.
  • Open a browser and type in any URL. The browser will be automaticallly redirected to the Yless4u hotspot page.
  • Enter Yless4u hotspot account details (username/password) to get connected to the Internet. To obtain a Yless4u hotspot account, call (02) 6230 3699 during business hours (9AM-5PM) Monday to Friday.

Prepaid Plans

Plan Data Validity Price (AUD)
YFi-1G 1GB 1 Week 10.00
YFi-5G 5GB 1 Month 25.00

Postpaid Hotspot Plans available for Yless4u customers

From 1st February 2012,  Yless4u wifi hotspot access can be added as an additional service to your exisitng Yless4u account.  Contact the office on Tel: 02 6230 3699   or email at admin@yless4u.com.au