Business Plan Connection Speed Down / Up (mbps) Data Limit# (GB) Down / Up / Total Throttled Speed* Down / Up (kbps) Monthly Fee (AUD) Setup Fee^ (AUD)
Yless12+% 12 / 3 100 / 40 / 140 1024 / 1024 POA from $999
Yless24+% 24 / 3 150 / 75 / 200 1024 / 1024 POA from $999

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#: Data Limit per monthly billing cycle. Unused limit forfeited on reset. The first two numbers correspond to maximum download and maximum upload bytes. The last number is the maximum limit for combined upload and download bytes.
e.g. 100/40/140 provides max of 100GB download, 40GB upload or combined up/download of 140GB
*: Throttling is applied when any one of the data limits (Download / Upload or Total) is reached. Excess download/upload above the plan limit will result in your account being throttled for the remainder of the billing cycle.
^: Set Up Fee is site and service area specific
+: No new residential connections available. Business Plan availability is Subject to technical delivery capability in the requested service area
%: Symmetrical Yless12s and Yless24s plans also available
The minimum contract term is 6 months