Get Connected

Wireless broadband requires a line of sight from the base station to the antenna/subscriber module that will be installed at your property (house, caravan, shed etc…) This means we have to go through a few extra steps before we can connect you.

1. Expression Of Interest

You can supply your details to us and we can do an initial obligation free check to see if you have potential line of sight to one of our towers. Once we know it is likely, we can verify this through a site survey.

Submit an Expression of Interest here

2. Site Survey

This means a visit from us to look at the outside of your place to see if an antenna (usually placed on your roof) will “see” our base site without any obstructions.

There is no cost for a site survey and it can be scheduled for a convenient time.

Once we can verify that a satisfactory signal is possible we can proceed with the application.

3. Application

You will need to pick a plan and fill in a copy of our Terms and Conditions and Customer Application form (available here). When we receive the completed Customer Application form we will call you and schedule an installation.

4. Install and Setup

The installation generally takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete. This involves siting an antenna on your roof, and cabling it into the room where your computer is located. It then terminates in a standard Ethernet cable for your router or computer- and a power adapter which needs a nearby power source (power point or board- solar is not a problem). Finally, the installer logs on with your computer, checking to see that it connects to the internet.

That’s it – time to enjoy your new fast broadband!