Your local rural telecommunications company

Yless4u is an Australian private company dedicated to building infrastructure for the delivery of Broadband Internet and voice services to rural Australians.


  • specialises in rural broadband services
  • provides consulting services to rural Local & State Governments in the design, business case development and deployment of regional/rural and remote telecommunications¬†infrastruture
  • is a registered telecommunications carrier
  • provides Internet Service speeds up to 24mbps through our wholly owned infrastruture
  • is owned and operating from the Bywong area in South Eastern NSW
  • knows and understands the rural issues
  • is environmentally sensitive


Yless4u gained a National Telecommunications Carrier Licence in November 2004, and launched Internet Services in the Bungendore area in February 2005. Our aim was to lead in the provision of Local Community Fixed Wireless broadband services to customers throughout south east regional, rural and remote NSW. This would also provide a model network for value added services and innovative solutions.

In April 2005, Yless4u gained both Wholesale & Retail status for the HiBIS (Higher Bandwidth Incentive Scheme) and later the Broadband Connect Federal Government rural Broadband incentive scheme program.

Yless4u provides services via wireless technology, in rural and remote regions in the areas surrounding the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

The network geographic coverage is approximately 5,500 sq kms, from the Collector area in the north to the Angle Crossing/Tharwa/Michelago areas in the south.

From mid 2008, our operations were diversified to include consulting services in the deployment of regional/rural and remote Telecommunications Infrastructure. In 2014 the company ceased installation of new residential connections, focusing only on business contracts and connections.

However, we continue to lobby Government on the lack of broadband services to rural areas. We have analysed and mapped the different broadband options and solutions in rural and regional NSW, and nationally, including the proposed coverage areas of the NBN fixed wireless rollout in rural NSW. The lack of coverage can be quickly visualised in a range of contexts such as existing mobile broadband services and local infrastructures.

We presented some of these maps as part of our input to the 2015 Regional Telecommunications Review. This resulted in our sharing several maps with the Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee for inclusion in the 2015 Regional Telecommunications Review report released recently by the Australian Government.