Help & Support

  1. How do I set up my computer to connect to the Internet?

    The set up guides for different operating systems are available as PDF documents.

    * Windows XP
    * Windows Vista/7
    * MacOS X 10.4 (Tiger)
    * MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later

  2. Why do I get login error?

    Make sure the username is set to, not just your username.

  3. Why haven’t I received an invoice yet?

    The invoices are emailed to your yless4u email address. Make sure you have setup your email program to receive email from it. Your yless4u email address format is –, and will be used to send notification as well as inovices.

    If you use an alternate email address please supply this at the time of set up.

  4. How do I configure my email?

    Yless4U mail server support POP3 and IMAP. The username is your yless4u username without the Passsword is the same as for your main connection.

    The incoming/outgoing server is

    PDF Setup Guides:

    * Outlook Express setup guide
    * Outlook setup guide
    * MacOSX Mail setup guide
    * Mac OSX Mail-Turn on SSL

  5. I am trying to send email from a non-Yless4U email address and I get an error. Why?

    When connected to Yless4U you have to use our outgoing/SMTP mail server on all email accounts. So set it to Please read our guides on how to do this.

  6. Why do I get an error like 0×800vcc199 when I check my email with Outlook or Outlook Express?

    From time to time, the account in Outlook stops working and you need to re-enter it. You’ll need to go to the Tools menu, then Accounts and select the account and “remove” it. This doesn’t remove any emails, it just deletes the account settings that are damaged. Then go through the Outlook or Outlook Setup guides above to recreate the account.

  7. How can I pay my invoices?

    You can use Credit Card, or EFT. Please call the office to arrange this (02 6230 3699).

  8. I cannot connect and get an Error 691 or ”No route to host”

    Under Windows XP make sure your LAN or Hi-Speed Internet port is ”Enabled”. This may become ”disabled” for some reason. Right click on the LAN or High Speed internet icon to check this status.

  9. How do I configure my router?

    Check that you can connect without the router first. Make sure your router is Cable modem ready. We’ve had problems with ADSL only routers.

    We’ve also been informed of a problem with the ASUS WL-520GC Router. It won’t connect to our network.

    If you have a Linksys WRT 54GP2 and can’t connect you’ll need the latest firmware from here.

    You have to setup your router for a PPPoE connection. The username is your Yless4u email address, and password as supplied.

    We have a optimum MTU of 1492, some routers have it set to 1432 and you’ll have problems connecting. Leave the ”Service Name” blank. Some routers won’t connect if this is filled in.

    Please follow the instructions supplied with your router and the above hints. If they don\’t work and you can still get a connection without the router please contact the router manufacturer directly. We can\’t provide support for router problems.

    Here are the various websites for routers.

    * Linksys
    * Netcomm
    * Dlink

    Router setup Guides

    * Linksys WRT54G Router
    * Apple Airport

  10. What are the requirements to access the Yless4U network?

    System Requirements
    The Yless4U service requires a computer and/or router that supports Ethernet and the PPPoE protocol.

    PPPoE is supported natively on Microsoft Windows XP, MacOS X and variants of the GNU/Linux operating system.

    Other Operating systems may require third party software to support PPPoE; alternatively a router can be used.

  11. What are Yless4U's contact details?

    Email: support <at> – Customer Support
    eoi <at> – Expression of Interest
    Phone: 02 6230 3699
    Address: PO Box 40, Bungendore NSW 2621


If you are still having technical problems after reading the FAQs please contact our technical support via phone 1300 858 295 or email helpdesk <at>